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Oppressed Shareholder Wins $750,000 Fee Award

Oppressed Minority Shareholder Litigation Attorney
An oppressed minority shareholder was awarded approximately $750,000 in attorneys fees and expert expenses — some eight times the amount of the buyout — even though the majority had good reason to fire him from his position as the corporation's CEO. Fee Award Under Oppressed...

Evidence of LLC Membership by Plaintiff MD is Lacking

business divorce attorneys medical practice
What is sufficient evidence of membership in a limited liability company? It is not uncommon that the intentions of the parties in forming a limited liability company are poorly documented and or non-existent. The plaintiff in this case argued that documents that indicated his...

Shareholder Deadlock Grounds to Sell Corporation

Shareholder Deadlock Attorney
Is an intractable deadlock among the shareholders good grounds to force the sale of a large, successful corporation? That was the issue before the Delaware Supreme Court in a case in which the trial court's decision to sell the business as a going concern...

Valuation of Corporation in Oppressed Shareholder Includes Marketability Discount

Oppressed Shareholder Valuation in Sale of Plant Business
The general rule is that a court should not apply discounts for marketability or lack of control (the later known as the minority discount) unless there is some unfairness or wrongdoing among the parties. Still, in the world of oppressed minority shareholder litigation, there...

How to Expel an LLC Member

Limited Liability Company Attorneys
Probably the most litigated issue in my practice involves the expulsion of a member of a limited liability company in response to some wrongful conduct or breach of the operating agreement. We represent majority owners when they are trying to remove a member and...


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