Book value methods to determine the buyout price for a departing partner are far different from fair and invariably result in a windfall to the remaining partners
Promoters of limited liability companies may have fiduciary duties to later participants in the business
Microbilt v L2C LLC is a good example of why businesses should make certain that the language of contracts they enter are not only clear and unambigious, but also include everything expected from the contract. NJ appellate Division demonstrates how difficult it can be
Oh, the fine art of the lockout. For a business divorce litigator, a lockout or expulsion of a minority member is a relatively common occurrence. Managing the lockout, from either the majority or the minority's perspective, is a key...
Is an intractable deadlock among the shareholders good grounds to force the sale of a large, successful corporation? That was the issue before the Delaware Supreme Court in a case in which the trial court's decision to sell the...


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